Olivethree is a design studio of professionals active in the area of architectural and creative design both for\ residential and corporate projects.

The studio was founded in 2008 by the architects Eirini Roussaki and Miltos Farmakis and the graphic designer Cecil Lacenere. After a short while, Konstantinos Kalaitzakis joined as an external architectural consultant. During the last five years, the team has transformed, evolved, expanded outside of Greece and obtained a new name and identity.

Today, we are Othreeplus, a collective of architects that, depending on the project, can be supported by professionals of relevant expertise.


Eirini Roussaki

Eirini Roussaki is architect engineer, NTUA 1998, who lives and works in Athens, Greece. She attended the master’s program of NTUA “Design – Space – Civilisation”, 2000-2002. In 2008 she co-founded the Athens-based design studio OliveThree. She has extensive experience in the design and construction of private and public works, focusing on residential and commercial projects.


Miltos Farmakis

Miltos Farmakis is architect engineer NTUA 2000 and RIBA chartered member. He was a founding member of KLMF architects. In 2008 he co-founded the Athens-based design studio OliveThree. He is experienced in design and construction supervision of private and public projects. Since 2015 he works in the Middle East and Southeast Asia as a project manager and project director for major retail projects.


Konstantinos Kalaitzakis

Konstantinos Kalaitzakis is architect engineer NTUA 1995 who lives and works in Athens Greece. He holds a master’s degree from Pratt Institute, New York, 1997 (Outstanding Merit Award). He has extended experience in residential projects and he is specialised in private villas.



The goal of our design studio is to provide a complete set of services in the area of residential and corporate projects, independent of the project’s scale or budget. The services we provide include:

  • Architectural design, from concept to final study
  • Submission of project files for building’s permit and process management and facilitation
  • Submission of small scale building’s permit
  • Construction and construction supervision
  • Management of construction, time schedule and project budget
  • Renovations
  • Interior design
  • Design of custom-made furniture and fittings of residential and corporate spaces.


In O3+ we consider architecture to be a process of creation of high quality spaces where we live with safety, comfort, harmony, freedom, excitement ….

From concept to final implementation we always follow our fundamental principles:

  • functionality and flexibility
  • high quality and aesthetic value
  • research of new materials and construction concepts
  • respect for the environment
  • satisfy the users’ needs